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Bible Classes Have Resumed

As of Sunday, October 4th, Bible Classes have resumed after an absence of twenty-eight weeks due to the Corona virus. Classes have begun on a limited basis until the picture on the virus safety situation becomes clearer. We will continue to follow virus protocol guidelines as we have been doing plus incorporating appropriate protocols in each classroom and in the hallways as we transition to and from classes. Our Sunday Worship Assembly follows these classes and starts at 10 AM.

There will initially be two adult classes and three classes for our children. The children’s classes are ages 2 to 5 years old, including Kindergarten, Grades 1 through grade 5, and Grades 6 through 12. As classes grow in size and the virus protocols are relaxed, classes will be resized and moved into additional rooms. Please come and share blessings from God’s word and offer praise to Him with us in our new classes and Worship Assembly next Sunday, October 4th.

Visitors are welcome and are encouraged to come and visit with us on Sunday mornings.

We understand that some feel it is too great a health risk for them to meet with a large group at this time. Songs and Jon Rowe’s Sunday lesson are provided for spiritual encouragement to those who cannot meet with us on Sunday mornings.

Our Sunday Worship Service will be available for viewing on our Church Website Here.

If we can be of further assistance, Please call the Church Office at: (623) 877-2300

You may also send an email to: office@swazcoc.com